It’s All About The Experience

It’s All About The Experience

As a young child, a strong bond existed between my younger cousin, Juan Holifield, and myself. Our brotherhood became inseparable as we became more inquisitive. Oftentimes, our uniqueness was noticeable and we began to feel separated and isolated from the "normal" children. As time progressed, we realized that we were not awkwardly weird; we simply viewed life from a different angle than most. Today, this mindset is primarily responsible for the creation and vision of J. Shon Digital Media, LLC.

Although my cousin, number one fan, and best friend was tragically killed, I refuse to let our vision die. We were not weird, we were not out-cast, and we were not alone. Today, I can proudly say that we were and we are "out-of-the-box" visionaries and artists.

J. Shon Digital Media, LLC is a Birmingham, AL based company that has a primary focus on Cinematography and Photography. J. Shon Digital Media, LLC specializes in the Videography and Photography of Weddings, Commercials, Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Retirement parties, family reunions, and portraits. Clients often say to me, I have an idea and I hope you don’t think its crazy or even a dumb idea. At J. Shon Digital Media, LLC there are no crazy ideas, but great and unique visions. If you can dream it, it’s our goal to bring it to life for you.

We strive to create art and capture special moments with special people. Whether you are participating in videos or photographs with us, we want you to enjoy the moment, feel comfortable, and be yourself!! That’s the J. Shon Experience!!!